Supporting and representing manufacturers and suppliers

Content Generation

Content generation is the 3D intelligent digitalisation of any item or product from a manufacturer or supplier. We can use either the client's own existing 3D object or create a brand new one from drawings they provide.

Our team will build the 3D representation of the product using revit software so that it can then be placed in a federated model - we are able to create any product from an office chair to floor coverings. We will then make the product ‘intelligent’ by adding information such as dimensions, functionality, material, product code and interaction with other structures. This allows clash detection and enables the BIM co-ordinator to highlight and correct any design errors. This process also aids FM soft landings by populating software operating tools with maintenance schedules, loading restrictions, cleaning guidelines etc.

The client can then upload their particular product into a library or website so that other designers and architects can download it and use it for other BIM projects.