ARC:BIM offer laser scanning at various stages of construction projects

Laser Scanning

ARC:BIM have had great success with this across a number of large schemes in London and is something that we would strongly recommend.

Laser scanning can be used for design verification. This is where a scan is taken by a qualified engineer and issued to ARC:BIM. The team can then overlay this 3D scan with the current data set and amend the model to pick up As Built Information.

The scanning process can also be used to create a 3D model of an existing building that may be suitable for conversion or fit out. This allows the designer and construction team to trust the information they have and avoids the time and cost of onsite operatives to manually measure the building. The scan means no dimension can be misread or even missed completely.

  • Record models
  • Base-build design verification
  • Constantly accessible survey
  • Removes any chance of survey errors