Our Approach

ARC:BIM offers full BIM (Building Information Modelling) management, consultancy and coordination duties, along with a host of supplementary services. Our team are capable of converting 2D plans into 3D/4D or even 5D systems for any discipline. We provide full BIM services allowing us to collaborate and manage any element of BIM projects for a client. Our goal is to make BIM an easy transition no matter who you are; the client, the project manager or even a principle design lead who has not yet taken the leap to the exciting new world of BIM.

Alongside the day to day work our staff are involved in communities such as BIM4DC where discussions are held with other companies to look at how the industry can grow and adapt to a legislation led BIM process.

Key to successful project delivery is the full-time involvement of our senior management. Throughout the process our highly-trained and experienced personnel will assist clients through the formative briefing process to ensure optimum, implementation and delivery of Building Information Modelling.